I get frustrated with my self for its

I get frustrated with my self for its ineffective communication, then frustrated with frustration.  And aware of attachment to even the few likes on Facebook.  When I went a week without a like or comment on a post, I got to see it more clearly.

Still, I ask for a little compassion.  Particularly after being labeled bipolar and as a result having had a number of civil rights limited and grandiose ideas punished, I have had a little more reason to seek the verification of others.

Ultimately, though, and thanks all for the reminder, it does come back to being happy with my own self, thoughts, and actions.  My thoughts were getting to me – really irritable, at pretty much everyone for a bit – and where does that come from and how often is it behind the scenes?

Still some work to do here, love you, bless you.


Here it is, there itwas, in between, what?

Here it is, there it
was, in between, what? Who asks?
You? And what is that?

Not bad to try, we
all exert effort, like trees,
without thought, upwards.

I am merely worn
Too many moments have I
thrown to the hell hounds.

but pleased to be done
with what I can do; I will
continue, til death.

soon, oh, soon, I must
absorb my pain, swallow it,
let go this breath.  ahhh!

less there be ‘nother
way.  once I thought I saw it
now ready for death.


so, i’m gonna post etc. here.  haikus and other crazy shit.

that way you can opt in or opt out on NSA coverage.

love ya,